Pro Podcasting Package

Looking for a service that let's you upload your raw audio and get back a professional sounding podcast and quality show notes for you to publish yourself?

Then the Pro Package is the service for you.

If you're looking for a full publishing package that includes a full transcript, have a look a The Ultimate Podcasting Package.

The Pro Podcasting Package includes:

  • Integration of any intros, outros, show music and any ads to your episode.
  • Removal of unwanted pauses, breath noise, and false starts.
  • Professional audio engineering including noise reduction, EQ, deverberation, compression, and loudness mastering.
  • Completed episode files uploaded to our shared Dropbox
  • Engaging show notes including a brief summary, topics, key takeaways, resources, and quotes from your episode.
  • Delivery of your completed files back to you through our shared Dropbox.

Audio Mixing

Our audio engineering team first takes your raw episode audio and removes background noise, cleans up any reverb issues, improves the sound of the speakers to sound more natural and consistent with equalization tools, and smooths out the fluctuaing loudness of each individual track using compression and dynamics processing tools.

Audio Editing

After your episode sounds amazing, it's time to pull it together with the other parts of your episode and edit out any breath noise, false starts, and unnatural filler words to

First, we integrate the other parts of your episode - this usually consists of your podcast's general intro, specific episode intro, intro background music, paid ads, and your closing outro/background music.

Then, we remove any breath noise, false starts, and unnatural filler words to give your episode a clean, professional delivery.

Industry Standard Levelling

When your full episode is sounding great and edited to include all of its components. We take it through a final stage of mastering to bring the loudness of your episode up to industry standards.

Episode Show Notes

One of our content writers will fully listen to your episode and write engaging show notes for you to use with your episode (to maintain voice consistency, you'll always have the same writer creating show notes for your podcast).

Show notes include:

  • One to two paragraph summary of your episode.
  • "In This Episode" section with topics in the episode.
  • "Key Takeaways" section listing the core takeaways and any actionalble items from the episode
  • Resources list of any tools, people, companies mentioned and links to find your guest (if interview format).
  • A list of three to five quotes taken from the episode for you to use in social media.

Ready to hand off your podcast post-production?