How to Grow Your Podcast: Guest Podcasting

March 21st, 2017

Whether you just launched your podcast and are trying to keep the momentum going of gaining new listeners, or you've had your podcast for a while and are trying to find new ways to grow your audience, we could all use a little help to grow our podcast.

Why Guest Podcasting

Put yourself in front of new potential listeners

When you guest podcast or are interviewed on another podcast, you're going to be in front of a fresh group of people. Sure, there could be some crossover, especially if you're guesting on a podcast related to your topic, but you will definitely increase your reach.

Increase your authority in your podcast topic

When you speak on a topic you're increasing your authority in that area. Just by having the other podcast featuring you on their show speaks volumes. They're basically vouching for your expertise and thoughts on the subject enough to present you to their own audience as a reliable source.

Connect with other thought leaders in your podcast topic

You get to meet other people interested in the same things you are and learn from each other. It's a win-win scenario. The authority building goes both ways. Having another thought leader on your podcast can be just as beneficial as being on theirs.

Collaboration and networking are huge if you want to build something and if you're really passionate about becoming a leader in your topic. It always blows my mind how many opportunities present themselves just by the people I've worked with in the past.

Finding the Right Podcasts to Guest on

You probably already have an idea for the podcasts that would be a good fit for you to be a guest on. Basically, you want to be a guest on podcasts with a similar audience that would be interested in checking out your own podcast after hearing you on their usual show.

The podcasts don't need to be the exact same type of content for it to be a good fit. For example, if your podcast is all about social media marketing: platforms, strategy, automation, etc., a great related podcast would be one that umbrella themes on small business, entrepreneurship, or startups.

For a non-business example, your podcast about positive thinking and self-improvement might find a good related fit with podcasts about growing creative potential, spiritual awakening, or physical training for a marathons/triathlons.

Make a list

Once you have a few ideas about what type of podcasts would be a good fit. Make a list of each category and do a deep search for podcasts related to that topic. From that list, start narrowing it down and putting in order by which you think would be the best fit and most benefitted by having you as a guest.

Side Note: If your podcast is just starting out or you haven't been a guest on any other podcasts before, keep in mind the size and authority of the podcasts on your list. Keep large podcasts on your list, but when you start reaching out, you might save the larger ones until you've been a guest on a few smaller ones and have that social proof.

Listen to some episodes

Once you have your narrowed down your list, listen to some of the episodes from the podcasts on your list and take some notes on the style and flow of their show.

This is important.

If you haven't listened to an episode of a podcast you're wanting to be a guest on you have no idea what to expect in how to speak with them our their audience, the topics they cover, of if it's even a good fit for you to guest on.

How to Request to be a Guest on a Podcast

After you've narrowed down your list even further and have an idea of the topics that would best benefit their audience, you can reach out to each podcast on your list.

This doesn't need to be a book-length email, just sending a short, professional email letting them know who you are and how you want to benefit their audience by being a guest on their podcast.

The starting template below is just that - a place to start. Make this your own and customize it to you specific podcast and situation.

Example email:

Hi [name],

I've been listening to your podcast and really love your content and the lessons you provide your listeners. I really enjoy how you -(something you enjoy about their podcast)- on your podcast and give actionable items for your listeners to move forward in -(podcast topic)-.

I'm reaching out to see if you'd be interested in having me on your podcast as a guest from my podcast, -(your podcast's name)- , where I discuss -(whatever it is you discuss and do for your listeners)-.

I believe I can add value to your audience by speaking to a few topics and have listed out a few of the specific ones that I think might resonate best with your listeners.

1. Topic One

Summary of above topic and what you would want to cover/how it would help their audience.

2. Topic Two

Summary of above topic and what you would want to cover/how it would help their audience.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my request and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Your Name Your Podcast

Final Thoughts

This method of promoting your podcast and growing your audience definitely takes some effort on your part, but it's also one of the best ways to actively build your audience and your podcast's authority.

Best of luck and happy podcasting!

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