How to Add ID3 Tags to a Podcast

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November 25th, 2015

Good news - you probably don't need to read this!

Most of the podcast hosting platforms let you add ID3 tags directly to your episode when you upload it. If you're in that group - you're done! No need to continue reading this post. Just input the data when you upload your individual episodes.

If you don't fall into that cateogory - continue.

What are ID3 tags?

ID3 tags are containers for metadata associated with any MP3 audio file such as the title, release date, genre, and description. Each container can store specific information in the audio file so it can be referenced later on distribution platforms and listening devices.

The information stored in ID3 tags are what you see when you play episodes on your podcast player app or search for new podcasts in the iTunes store. If a podcast doesn't have ID3 tags, you would still be able to play the audio file, but the episode title, host, podcast name and many other descriptive fields would be completely blank.

Most of these tags can be used with both podcasts and songs, but we'll be looking at specifically tags as used with podcast episodes.

Which ID3 tags do I need for my podcast?

  • Title (Episode Title)
  • Artist (Host)
  • Album (Podcast Name)
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • Cover Art
  • Description (Episode Description)
  • Feed (URL)
  • Use the image below to get an idea of where the ID3 information will show.

How do I add ID3 tags to my podcast?

There's plenty of software options available to add ID3 tags to MP3 files both free and paid. We'll look at ID3 Editor and also using iTunes.

ID3 Tagging with ID3 Editor

You can download a free trial version of ID3 Editor to check it out, but note that the trial version will expire after 30 days. The paid version is $15 and is a good solution if you need to manually add ID3 tags.

Once you have ID3 Editor, you can open your podcast audio file from the main menu. File > Open. Which will bring you to the main editing screen. Now enter in the information for the title, artist(host), album(podcast name), year, and genre.

Next click on the "Podcast" tab and enter in the feed URL and description.

Finished! Now let's take a look at using the built in functionality of iTunes to do the same thing.

ID3 Tagging with iTunes

Open iTunes and add your audio file by going to File > Add to library.

Find the file under My Music, right click and go to Get Info.

Go to the Options tab and change media kind to Podcast

Now add the episode title, the author(host), podcast title, release date, and genre.

Click the Artwork tab and add your artwork.

Click the Description tab and add your episode summary description.

Click the Sorting tab and make sure it has the episode title, author(host), and podcast title and finish everything by hitting OK in the bottom right.

Whether you used ID3 Editor or iTunes, your podcast episode is now tagged and ready to be uploaded to your media host!

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