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September 19th, 2016

Reasons to Provide Podcast Transcriptions

Make Your Content Accessible

The only way for the hearing impaired to access your podcast is if you provide them with a full transcription of your episodes. However, the benefits of a transcription aren't relegated to only your hearing-impaired audience.

There are plenty of circumstances where listening to a podcast isn't preferred or possible. With a full transcription, you allow your audience to consume your content however they like, whenever they like and in the format they prefer.

Improve Your SEO

Google can't index audio sources, which means as far as Google is concerned, none of your podcast audio content exists. Basically, if you don't have a transcription of your episode, all of that beautiful content in terms of searchable SEO power is invisible.

Just make sure to link any resources, websites, people, books, articles and anything else mentioned in your transcript. All of these links to external sites can really build up your SEO for that episode.

How to Get Your Podcast Episode Transcribed


Pop on those headphones and start typing. Get comfortable because it's gonna be a long ride. You're going to have to type every word, but there are a couple resources that can help:

  • Software to slow down and control playback such as Express Scribe (free and pro version)
  • Playback foot pedals to control playback such as this transcription foot pedal


  • Learn to type faster!
  • It can be cathartic
  • It's free (unless you count time as money)
  • You know the content well (spelling, links, etc)


  • It can take a while
  • It's tedious
  • Lots of typing (carpal tunnel?)

Find a Transcriptionist or Transcription Service

There are lots of freelance sites such as Upwork or even Craigslist where you can find a transcriptionist and work with them directly.

Another option are one of the many transcription services that have popped up such as WayWithWords or Rev that can do your transcriptions for you and usually charge per minute of audio.

However going this route you'll need to go through and correct spelling, names, resources, and add links to all of your content.


  • You just saved yourself an afternoon


  • It costs money
  • You'll need to correct spelling

How to Display Your Podcast Transcriptions


Make the episode into a downloadable PDF for your audience to read whenever they like. You can really make this a great experience for your audience by formatting and designing these to match your podcast's aesthetic.

Article Format

Format your transcript to read as an article on your episodes post. This also ensures you get all the SEO power of your links, content, and keywords directly on your episode's page.

Can't decide which one to do? Do both! You have the content so use it to its full potential.

We Take Care of Podcast Transcriptions

Interested in outsourcing your podcast editing along with transcriptions writing? Our Ultimate Package includes podcast editing, show notes, and full transcriptions - including the linking of mentioned resources directly in the transcript.

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